Great Weston Conservation Area Appraisals (CAA) Consultation opportunities

1) Online eConsult

The draft Great Weston Conservation Area Appraisal work is now on eConsult — North Somerset Council’s public consultation platform. All five documents that make up the draft appraisal work can be accessed via eConsult.

Here is the link:

2) Public Consultation event — Public workshop Tuesday 25th September. 5.30pm-7.30pm. Weston Museum. Burlington St. WsM

Over and above the eConsult opportunity we are hosting a public workshop.

The public / stakeholders are invited to register to attend a workshop to discuss the draft reports.

The two hour workshop provides the opportunity to consider the draft Appraisals and to feed in your views.

To get further information about the workshop and to reserve a place please click on this link:


We are currently working with Consultants (Allies and Morrison) to develop draft Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans for Weston. With the intention to present to North Somerset Council Executive meeting on 4th December for adoption.

The proposal is to merge the current Conservation Areas in Weston into one Conservation Area that is subdivided into four separate character areas. This includes adding to the footprint by including the town centre and residential areas around Ellenborough Park and Clarence Park.

There are 5 reports to consider. The first is an introduction to the concept of the Great Weston Conservation Area. There are then four character appraisals for: Hillside area, Seafront area, Town Centre area and the Whitecross area. You are welcome to comment on all of the reports or some of them.

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